Take a simple product and develop the full brand strategy, graphic elements and experience design for a specialty shop. Should work toward retail brand that is unique, delightful and memorable.
Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Slack

Inclusive, Diversity, Quality, Specialty

Brand identity system, Promotional materials, Shop experience, UX/UI
understanding the user
Users are a group who loves hot stuff and they feel as though local grocery stores don’t have the variety of hot sauce they are looking for. They often resort to ordering or driving awhile in search of a unique sauce.

User group is one that would like consistent new options and customization. New monthly flavors as well as flavor mixing stations are something this user hasn’t seen before but would be very interested in.

Picking a small town location such as Rockford, MI would prove successful because of the rich history of local specialty shops and a lack of chains.
user journey map
component library

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