The Community Health Improvement Plan in Rockford MI is looking to promote the trails and parks in the community through media rich solutions.
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understanding the user
Users have noted that they frequent the same trails out of familiarity and habit. Further questioning shows that users were more inclined to try something new if they had more information.

More active users are already using activity trackers and would be interested in an app that could connect to apps already in their library.

User insights has highlighted a need for more information regarding local trails than what is available on an internet search. Knowing key information like elevation and pavement is important to a variety of users but primarily users with accessibility needs.
user journey
“I love hiking, but it’s important for me to know if a trail is wheelchair accessible before traveling all of the way there.” – Maria Besta
Hiking should be accessible for all, and it’s hard to know if a trail is well paved and not doesn’t have steep hills before going there.
“I want to try new trails, and track all of my current hikes. Even though some hikes I take might not be conventional.” – Hannah Schinker
Users want a way to track hikes of any capacity and be able to save them for later.
“I just want to find all kinds of different trails that have good reviews. But it’s hard to hear about different trails from friends.” – Rosemary Kolderman
All trails have reviews so it feels more like a personal recommendation.

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